Board Members Ride the Bus

Aiken BusOur Board Members “Walk the Talk” and Ride the Bus!

Vail’s Governing Board members know the importantance of each department in the success of our district. However, not every department necessarily gets “equal attention.” Board members are at our schools all the time – they walk through classrooms and attend school events almost weekly. Visiting our transportation department, during it’s busiest time of day, takes some extra effort.

On December 1st, before the sun rose, every Vail Board Member arrived at the transportation facility to “show some love” to our amazing bus drivers and transpiration staff. 

At 5:30 a.m. they started learning the complexity of the Route Board, and how fast everything has to be adjusted if the flu hits and drivers start calling in sick.

Mark Tate Bus1Then they followed the drivers to the bus yard for a lesson on the 120 point inspection. The 30 minute process is done by each driver, every morning – rain or shine.

Finally, each board member jumped on a bus and accompanied a driver on his/her route.The highly complex, intricate, and challenging work done by the Transportation Department every day is mind-boggling. And now all of Vail’s Board Members have seen it first hand.

Thank you board members for GOING THE EXTRA MILE!

Board Bus