Empire Theatre Brings Home Massive Wins

On January 19th, 28 Empire Theatre students competed in the Southern Arizona Festival of Theatre at the University of Arizona. They took 26 events in total and scored 20 Superior Awards (the highest score achievable) and six Excellent awards. And, Empire’s tech olympic team also was top three in all tech events and took 3rd place overall.

Congratulations to:
Anastasia Castillo- Superior in Short Film
Mia Lason- Superior Monologue
Anastasia Castillo- Excellent Monologue
Madyson Lotti- Excellent Monologue
Celina Martineau- Superior Monologue
Nastassja Barnes- Excellent Monologue
Madi Doser- Superior Solo Musical
Sarah Maxwell- Superior Solo Musical
Cassie Miller- Superior Solo Musical
Sisi Clark- Superior Solo Musical
Sisi Clark- Excellent Costume Design
Fatima Cubillas- Superior Sound Design
Mairead McFadden- Superior Sound Design
Emily Nickerson/Kyra Batterham- Superior Duo Scene
Malia Sims/Annie Asher- Excellent Duo Scene
Mimi Dubin/Celeina Martineau- Superior Duo Scene
Jake Taylor/Sarah Drottz- Superior Duo Scene
Ian Welker/Ava Christensen- Superior Duo Scene
Catherine Smith/Abigail Brown- Excellent Duet Musical
Madyson Edwards/Cassie Miller- Superior Duet Musical
Sisi Clark/Anastasia Castillo- Superior Duet Musical
Sarah Maxwell/Madi Doser- Superior Duet Musical
Grady Barber- Excellent Lighting Design
Alison Nickerson- Superior Scenic Design
Plus both of Empire’s Group Musical Performances earned Superior Awards!

EHS Theater 2019