Golden Bell Rings in Vail

45476130_10156193855549132_166713016769839104_n“Every single student in the Medical Assisting and Sports Medicine programs has earned passing scores on ADE end of year assessments… every single year since Andrada opened! They take the same certification exams as their adult counterparts (who typically attend expensive schools). 60% of adults pass the AZ Medical Assisting Exam on the first try – 95% of Andrada students do.”

This is among the many reasons Andrada just won one of only four GOLDEN BELL AWARDS given throughout the state for its outstanding Healthcare Pathway!

It is not uncommon to walk onto the campus of Andrada Polytechnic High School and find kids in scrubs drawing blood, running urine cultures of pets, or wrapping ankles.

The Healthcare Pathway includes specialties in Medical Assisting, Veterinary Assisting, Sports Medicine, and Behavioral Health. Students take these classes in place of traditional elective classes during the regular school day.

CONGRATULATIONS to Andrada students and staff on this incredible achievement!