Students Recognized at State Capitol

16864241_10154588646269132_3001742827108728049_nThese four incredible students traveled to the State Capitol on February 28th to be recognized on the floor of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Victoria Murati, Madelyne Twilling, Anna Maietto, and Aubrey Horn are part of the Advanced Math Program at Cottonwood Elementary. They learn math concepts and skills far beyond their grade level, as well as the problem solving skills to be able to put their math expertise to practical use.

16999138_10154588649124132_9052153142724731397_nAccompanied by their award winning teacher Chrissy DeBono, they were given an insider tour of the Capitol and even invited to sit at Senators’ desks on the floor.Thank you to Representative John, Representative Nutt, Senator Griffin, Senator Bradley, and Senator Smith for an amazing day.

It was certainly a trip they will remember for a lifetime!