Teachers Have Heads Shaved by Andrada Student

Alex1A heartwarming response to a devastating situation.

In November, Andrada freshman, Alex Herron, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The family and doctors acted quickly and immediately admitted him to the hospital to start chemotherapy.

At a time when one would expect Alex to be overwhelmed with fear and grief, he kept up his exuberent spirit. Alex asked Principal Julia Kaiser, during one of her visits to the hospital, if she could ask his two favorite teachers to shave their heads when he started losing his hair. Mr. Webster and Mr. Frausel graciously agreed.Alex3

On December 1st Andrada held an assembly so the whole freshman class could watch Alex shave his teachers’ heads. It was streamed live from his hospital room into the school common area. Alex could see the students at Andrada as well, and hear them cheer for him and shout words of love and encouragement.

Alex beamed as he shaved a reverse mohawk on one teacher and shaved only half of his other teacher’s head!

Alex4Alex still has a long journey ahead of him, but it was beautiful to watch him share such a fun and happy moment with his teachers and classmates along the way.

There is a Go Fund Me to help with medical expenses if you would like to help.