Top 10 List Survey – Help Name the New High School


Vail responded with over 300 unique new high school names!!! Thank you to the community for taking part in the Vail School District’s new high school first round naming survey.

The community was asked to submit name ideas to the new high school naming committee for the new high school.

The Vail community is growing. Existing high school facilities are no longer sufficient to accommodate increasing student enrollment. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Vail School District to be proactive and plan for building a new high school. A committee consisting of community members and VUSD staff has been charged with recommending a name to the Vail Governing Board.

A Top 10 list was selected from over 300 unique entries in the first survey. The committee is now asking community members to select their favorite name on the list to further assist them in selecting the new name.

Please submit your favorite from the list in the second round survey.

What names made the top 10? In alpha order:

  • Aliso Spring High School- Aliso Spring is a hiking trail in the Rincon Mountains. Click on this link for the history.
  • Arizona Trail High School – Many of the great hiking trails are in this area of the Rincon Mountains.
  • Atterbury Wash High School – Atterbury Wash is located directly west of the proposed site for the new high school.
  • Cactus Forest High School – Located in Saguaro National Park
  • Colossal Cave High School – Cave system and park located in Vail
  • Madrona High School – This name is in recognition of the influence of the mighty Rincon Mountains to our area and the history/service of the old ranger station. There is a canyon in the Rincon Mountains called Madrona Canyon. Back in the 1940’s, there were hopes it could be open to the public (similar to Sabino Canyon), but due to conflict with ranchers worried about gates being left open and visitors harming nature, this never happened.
  • Mica Mountain High School – This is a prominent peak in the Rincon Mountains and will be visible from the proposed site of the new school. It is the highest and most notable point in the Rincon Mountains.
  • Sentinel Peak High School – “A” mountain is Sentinel Peak.
  • Sky Island High School – Sky islands are isolated mountains surrounded by radically different lowland environments. The term originally referred to those found near the southern borders of Arizona and New Mexico and has extended to similarly isolated high-altitude forests. The Santa Rita Mountains are some of the most prominent sky islands in Arizona. They are fairly unique to this part of the country.
  • Thunderhead Ranch High School – A ranch in Vail area for almost 70 years