Where do I send my child to school?

15/16 School Year

Attendance Boundary (non-charter) vs. Service Area (charter)

The Vail School District believes in providing parents with choices for their child’s education. One of those choices is both District sponsored charter schools and traditional, non-charter schools.

District-sponsored charter schools are public schools operated and governed by the Vail School District. As “schools of choice” — students cannot be told they “must” attend a charter school. Charter schools cannot have traditional “attendance boundaries.”

District-sponsored charter schools have “service areas.” Families living within a particular charter school’s “service area” will be given priority to attend that charter school. Families living within a charter school “service area” will also be living in a traditional school’s “attendance area.” As such, they will be given priority to attend a specific charter school AND will have the “right” to attend a specific, traditional Vail District School.

Note: No transportation services will be provided to families who choose to attend a school outside their designated service area.

Traditional district schools are also public schools operated and governed by the Vail School District. They have regular attendance boundaries. However, families living within the boundaries of a school’s attendance area may choose to send their child to a different school (traditional or charter school) in the district, if there is space available.

If you live in the service area of a charter school but choose not to send your child to that school, the District will designate another Vail school where that child may attend. For questions or concerns about district-sponsored charter schools, please contact LuAnn Posey at (520) 879-2003.

Note: the “service area” for the following Vail District charter schools will be the entire Vail School District: Civano Community Schools and Vail Academy and High School.