Vail Vista

As you are aware from driving around, it is election season. If you receive your ballot by mail, it has likely already arrived. Election Day is Nov 8, 2022.

This is a critical election cycle for our District. Long-time board members Claudia Anderson and John Aitken are stepping down at the end of the year. There are six candidates running to fill those two positions. Who fills those positions will have a strong role in determining the direction of our District over the next four years. 

Below are the names of the six candidates in alphabetical order with links to their respective campaign websites. 

Jen Anderson
Ed Buster
Geraldine Kleber
Jayme Morris
Leroy Smith
Anastasia Tsatsakis

Below is an advanced version of our Vail Vista that will be mailed out this week to all residents within district limits. It includes a statement written by each candidate on why they are running for the Vail Governing Board.