Character Ed

The Vail School District is bringing forward for public viewing, Character Strong: Purposefull People (K-5). The Character Strong materials have been adopted by the board as an approved Character Education program at the beginning of the school year. During the adoption process, the elementary version of the program was being updated. Upon the update’s completion, the district would like to bring forward the elementary materials for approval by the VSD Governing Board.The content is similar in structure and content to the Middle School and High School materials, and aligns with the Character Education Common Values. Adopting this Character Education component, Purposefull People, would bring continuity from the elementary through high school levels. 

We are inviting you to review the contents of the program and share your feedback with us. Please see the attached Vail Character Education Feedback Form where you can access the links to the materials and share your feedback. 

Please feel free to share the Vail Character Education Feedback Form with others who may be interested in viewing the materials. 

The Character Education programs will be available for a 60 day review period starting on November 15th. The google form will close on January 13th. The programs will be going to the VSD Governing Board as a study item on January 10th and as an action item on January 24th.